Chord in Use: Saltwood Beach House

CLIENT / Saltwood Beach House
LOCATION / Ucluelet, BC
PRODUCT / Chord Sofa in Divina Melange by Kvadrat

Saltwood Beach House is a luxury, waterfront vacation rental located a few hours north of our Victoria factory, in Ucluelet, BC. We are excited to have collaborated with their team on upgrading their existing seating in both units to our Chord Sofa in Divina Melange. As one of the most popular vacation rentals on Vancouver Island, Saltwood sees a massive volume of guests throughout the year. Chord proved to be the perfect solution for them with its low maintenance design and hardwearing fabric. Our ability to service the product and even replace the covers entirely if needed, guarantees an extended lifespan for the sofa and provides an added layer of confidence for the Saltwood team. If you are interested in staying at this incredible property you can book both The Trees suite and The Sea currently on Airbnb.