Part & Whole is a contemporary design company dedicated to producing thoughtful and functional furniture.

Our manufacturing and warehouse facility located on Vancouver Island.

    We believe that nothing exists in isolation. The part is intrinsically reliant on the whole and vice versa. This universal interconnectedness is at the core of what drives our company.

    Our approach to product design is a direct reflection of these beliefs. By focusing on components and the harmony between them, we allow entire systems to emerge, rather than singular products. In turn, these systems can expand and contract proportionately as needed, while maintaining the integrity of the relationships that define them.

    This notion of connection extends beyond our physical products and permeates our entire methodology. In design there is a visible connection between things like material and form, or an object and its environment, but more importantly there is an opportunity for connection between people, concepts and ideals. As a company we want to explore the quality of these connections and foster a meaningful dialogue around them.


    When designing a new product we begin by trying to anticipate the entire system that it will eventually belong to.  

    Each piece we produce is designed with shared modular parts that may be used to create a range of different configurations. Even if the end result does not have the look of traditional modular furniture, this functionality is preserved.  This flexibility allows us to be efficient and agile in our operations – benefits we can then pass on to our customers in the form of quality and value.

    In order to create the best products possible we have formed strong partnerships with specialist suppliers around the world.  These relationships form the backbone of our production and inform the look and feel of the final product. We import unassembled components from several countries including Italy, Denmark, Taiwan, Austria, Germany and Canada. Our in-house team handles all prototyping, patterning, cutting and sewing. Each order is meticulously assembled and finished at our Vancouver Island facility before being shipped directly to your home.


    Our products are made from carefully chosen materials based on their character, durability and performance.

    We believe that high quality materials not only look and feel better, but actually improve with age. We employ a mixture of natural and synthetic options with the aim to strike a balance specific to the requirements of each project. Traditional materials such as wool and down might be complemented by cold molded foam and laser welded steel, taking advantage of the precision of new technologies, as well as the warmth and familiarity of heritage craft.

    Even the best materials sometimes need replacing. We have designed all of our products with this in mind and can supply quick and affordable service solutions for nearly any situation. This also means that at the end of their lifecycle our products can be reduced to their basic components and be repurposed or recycled appropriately, without ever ending up in a landfill.


    Part & Whole was founded by a small team with mixed backgrounds in industrial design, fashion, photography, graphic design and furniture retail all revolving in and out of the Canadian Pacific Northwest.

    With this team at our core we look outwards to collaborate actively with our community both locally and abroad. We are inspired by the expertise and creativity of our peers in all disciplines and find unexpected ways to channel that influence in our own work.

    Part & Whole is located on the unceded Coast Salish Territory of the Lekwungen nation.


    Nathan Martell, Ross Taylor, Steve Suchy, Lizzy Hsu, Post Projects, Tom Chung, Guy Ferguson.

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Components for contemporary life.