Introducing Part & Whole

Six years ago (in what is now starting to feel like another lifetime), I had the idea to create a brand to explore the concept of modular, system based furniture. I designed and produced a small collection, and with that, Part & Whole was established. While it was invigorating to see these ideas come to life and to begin to explore them as part of a larger conversation in design, I ultimately came to the realization that community and the opportunity for collaboration within it was the idea that excited me most.

In a series of conversations with peers in the months (and years) that followed, the outline of a new company began to emerge. A small group of collaborators turned into business partners and those conversations became the foundation of the company we are launching today. What began as a solo venture had evolved into a collective, and with it the name Part & Whole took on an apt new meaning.

It's with great excitement and gratitude that I introduce the first instance of our collective efforts today. We look forward to sharing much more with you in the months to come.

- Nathan Martell