Total in Use: Fernwood Reno

ARCHITECT / Scott & Scott
LOCATION / Victoria, BC
PRODUCT / Total Sofa 2.5 Seat Midnight

The Fernwood Reno is a recently completed residential project by Vancouver based architects Scott & Scott. The original 1912 arts and crafts house, located in a quiet residential neighbourhood of Victoria, has been completely reimagined inside and out. In addition to the typical challenges of a heritage restoration, the brief for this project was to convert the century-old structure into a modern net-zero home. Clever energy saving solutions were utilized throughout the build, such as solar panels and a highly efficient wood burning stove. Materials were sourced with a strict adherence to local and sustainable options including Douglas Fir, Vancouver Island Tlupana Marble, marine grade plywood, leather, and brass. The furnishings are nearly all thrifted, with the exception of locally produced products such as Bocci, Fawcett and of course Part & Whole. Owners Don and Wendy have meticulously documented every step of the journey so far and are sharing their knowledge and resources in hopes of inspiring others and proving that thoughtful, sustainable design can also be accessible. Follow along at