Total in Use: Railtown Walkup

CLIENT / Claire Saksun
LOCATION / Vancouver, BC
PRODUCT / Total Sofa in Phlox by Kvadrat/Raf Simons

We recently completed a custom version of Total in Phlox by Kvadrat/Raf Simons for the home of our friend and Vancouver based architect Claire Saksun. The unique property spans five-stories, but features a modest footprint and narrow stairways. Total's ability to disassemble into component parts allowed for an easy install, whereas larger appliances and pieces had previously been craned in through the balcony. The sofa's exposed steel frame serves as an elegant contrast to the wood-centric living room and kitchen. The choice of textile was key, with the oversized corduroy of Phlox providing a textural compliment to the room's existing pallet of linen, leather, wool and clay. Claire's decision to utilize the Raf Simons designed fabric gave us the opportunity we needed to experiment with the material and make necessary adjustments to our patterns and processes. The result is one of our favourite versions of Total to date and we are excited to announce that Phlox is now available by special request.